You’re Playing Golf in the Middle of Winter?

A man swinging a club in an at-home golf simulator.

Practice from the Comfort of Home with Your Own Golf Simulator 

What is the point of technology if it’s not making our lives simpler and more convenient? 

At Real Tech, we help our clients get the most out of their smart homes in the Salt Lake City, UT, area through technology integration and automation. We understand luxury is a function not only of the brands incorporated into your home, but the expertise that goes into every project.

If you’re looking for a way to stay comfortably indoors this winter season while also improving your mood and staying fit, then it’s time to consider a golf simulator. It’s the perfect addition to your home theater or media room because the entire family can enjoy it, and it offers more than just golf. Plus, simulators actually add value and drive sales for high-scale properties in the housing market. Read on to learn more about this perfect tech gift!

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Luxury Home Theaters: Audio, Video, and Don’t Forget Seating

Two home theater seats in front of a projector screen.

The Best Home Theater Systems Integrate Tailored Design, Seating, and Customization Options

What makes a great home theater? From a design that fits your home to engineering and implementing an integrated, automated system, there is certainly a lot more to it than audio and video. 

At Real Tech, we specialize in creating home theater systems that exceed even the best old-school movie nights for our clients in Provo, UT. We understand the key to a truly cinematic experience is tailoring our solutions to your specific needs. 

It also helps that we are authorized dealers for some of the top names in the industry!

Here are our top system recommendations for creating a home theater that will turn any room and time of day into a night at the movies.

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Transform Any Space with a Home Theater Installation

 people sitting on sofas watching a movie in a home theater with a projector.

How Ultra-Short-Throw Projectors, Surround Sound, and Lighting Make Any Room a Private Cinema

What transforms a room into a custom home theater? Many people think they need a very large space to get the best results. That may have been true years ago - due to projectors that required a long distance to throw a big image on the screen - but things have changed as technology has advanced. Now, you can turn any room of the house into a home cinema. 

Ultra-short-throw (UST) projectors, along with smart lighting and advanced surround sound systems, allow you to create an entertainment space that perfectly matches your requirements. All your home theater technologies combine to form an oasis that brings endless fun to your home. 

Read on to discover how home theater installation could be perfect for any room in your Park City, UT, home.

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Upgrade Your Home by Working with a Lutron Installer

a modern bathroom with while lighting, bathtub, walk-in closet, and shades on the window.

Experience the Lutron difference in your home with lighting control and shade automation

Are you planning on upgrading your home? While hardwood flooring, a new kitchen, and sophisticated home decor are great places to start, there’s an even better option. Consider adding lighting control and shade automation to elevate the luxury of your home and your lifestyle. 

Creating a comprehensive lighting design that includes the beautiful combination of artificial and natural lighting isn’t as simple as picking out window treatments and lighting fixtures. Instead of spending time and energy on the integration, work with Real Tech.

As a Lutron installer, we know how to cast your home in a beautiful light by integrating smart lighting and motorized shades to complement your space. Read on to learn the benefits of working with a Lutron integrator in your Salt Lake City, UT, residence.

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Home Entertainment Systems Installation Drives Sales for Upscale Buyers

Home Entertainment Systems Installation Drives Sales for Upscale Buyers

Distinguish Your from Competitors by Offering the Best in Audio, Video, and Home Theaters 

According to real estate business reports, Utah’s population has risen by nearly 20% over the last decade, placing it among the fastest-growing states in the country. The reasons are varied, from the appeal of better jobs, a change of pace and lifestyle, and the desire for more space and tranquility. 

The modern homebuyer skews younger, tech-savvy individuals who seek living spaces that provide a more intimate experience, enhancing their lifestyle while bringing the world to them. Partnering with a premier audiovisual integrator allows you to offer potential Park City, UT clients their top desire, a home entertainment systems installation.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Continue reading below to find out more. 

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