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Find Audio Enlightenment with Sonos Speakers

A couple cuddled on a leather couch in a sunlit room enjoying music from Sonos speakers.

Discover How the Perfect Blend of Clarity & Balance Reveals the Power of Sound in Your Home

A song creates a remarkable enchantment; the melody, rhythms, and tones are magic. Whether it is the driving sonic fuzz of modern rock or the subtly subversive orchestrations of classical compositions, the sounds affect us in innate ways. 

Brett Blumenthal, the author of the influential 52 Small Changes, knows the incredible power held within the art form, stating: “Music can inspire creativity and motivate us, and whether it triggers a subtle tap of our foot, a clap of our hands, or a dance involving our whole body, music physically moves us. Quite simply, music is transformational.” 

We want to transform your relationship with sound at Real Tech, creating environments with Sonos Speakers that immerse and enthrall you indoors and out. Are you curious about how you can experience a revelation in listening in your Park City, UT smart home? Continue reading below to find out more. 

Step Into The Future With Voice Controlled Home Automation


Discover How The System Allows You To Interact With Your Natural Voice 

The dream of voice-controlled home automation was once relegated to futurists and the pages of science fiction writers. turns the fantasy of a genuinely comprehensive natural voice interface into reality. 

A simple search for 'Smart Speaker' demonstrates how ubiquitous the format has become, with every leading technology company offering a version. These mass-market novelties make a pretense of including rudimentary intelligent home control. However, the units suffer from poor execution, limited functionality, and awkward setup despite their ingenuity. 

The system is different, utilizing specialized software that provides comprehensive control and natural voice commands. The system works in concert with an extensive list of partner automation platforms like Control4 and Lutron. In addition, the company has a build-in dedication to protecting your privacy.

Are you curious about the possibilities for your Salt Lake City, UT home? Then continue reading below to learn more.

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