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Step Into The Future With Voice Controlled Home Automation


Discover How The System Allows You To Interact With Your Natural Voice 

The dream of voice-controlled home automation was once relegated to futurists and the pages of science fiction writers. turns the fantasy of a genuinely comprehensive natural voice interface into reality. 

A simple search for 'Smart Speaker' demonstrates how ubiquitous the format has become, with every leading technology company offering a version. These mass-market novelties make a pretense of including rudimentary intelligent home control. However, the units suffer from poor execution, limited functionality, and awkward setup despite their ingenuity. 

The system is different, utilizing specialized software that provides comprehensive control and natural voice commands. The system works in concert with an extensive list of partner automation platforms like Control4 and Lutron. In addition, the company has a build-in dedication to protecting your privacy.

Are you curious about the possibilities for your Salt Lake City, UT home? Then continue reading below to learn more.

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Speak Naturally

The founders of built the technology on the premise that a voice interface should be just like talking to another person in the room. Rather than forcing yourself to speak in flat monotones, reducing any trace of an accent, you speak naturally, with no need to constantly repeat a statement. For example, to lower the lights or raise the temperature, you simply say, "Ok, Josh. Raise the temperature to 72 degrees, and set the lights to romantic."

Off-the-shelf consumer products have less sophisticated interpretation, limiting you to controlling one device or issuing one command at a time. The Josh system enables you to trigger multiple actions or devices in various rooms with a single sentence. Turn on music in the living room, lock the front doors, lower the lights in the backyard, and light the gas fireplace without pause or hesitation. 

A Good Listener

Any specialist in building relationships, from personal to business, stresses that the key to a healthy conversation is the act of listening. The voice automation from Josh is always attentive and never misses a word. The system utilizes an array of tiny microphones that virtually disappear from view when discreetly mounted on the wall. 

The advanced acoustic processing, noise filtering, and spatial placement provide the system with pinpoint location awareness and an advanced understanding of command context. When you tell Josh to turn on the kitchen lights from another room, it does it for you. And if you request Josh to brighten the lights while cooking, it knows you’re in the kitchen.

Protect Your Personal Information

A smart home is an intimate experience; the processors interact with every aspect of your personal actions and environment. Unlike the products supplied by businesses whose primary revenue is advertising, believes your privacy is paramount

The company firmly believes that using voice control should not necessitate signing a lengthy and deliberately dense user license agreement. Instead, the platform processes all your interactions locally, only connecting to the internet to retrieve requested information or an occasional firmware update. 

The Home Of Tomorrow, Today

Are you intrigued by how a truly natural voice control system enhances your luxury lifestyle? To start the conversation and schedule a consultation, call 801-305-4682, or fill out our contact form. We look forward to working with you. 

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