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Curators of Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions

Our people and the services we provide define our firm. We take pride in delivering a first class client.

Who We Are

Founded with an entrepreneurial spirit, we help homeowners and business operators realize maximum enjoyment from their properties thanks to the integration and appropriate deployment of technology. Our team of experts designs, engineers, installs, programs and provides life-long service for the sophisticated technology solutions that meet our clients’ project requirements and goals. We help our valued clientele experience the ultimate luxury at home and unmatched efficiency at work through intuitive control of audio video systems, home lighting automation, networking and smart home security in Park City, UT. As lifelong learners we are continuously attending manufacturer and industry education to ensure we are prepared to deploy the latest technologies for today and whatever the future might have in store for us tomorrow.

Our Mission

The goal behind all our projects is to create tailored technology solutions that facilitate and elevate your day-to-day lifestyle. We strive to earn your trust and make you a client for life by delivering unprecedented performance, reliability and ease-of-use you can enjoy across multiple properties. Our professional staff is there to serve as your personal technology advisor that educates and guides you to solve all of your current and future technology needs. We take world-class care of every customer and thrive due to your referrals and strong recommendations. We strive to exceed our clients expectations on every project regardless of project size or budget.

William Marston

Business Executive / Customer Relations
William Marston the founder of Real-Tech LLC, has always been passionate for technology and electronics. He built his first computer at the age of twelve, and immediately after high school was hired by Microsoft Retail as a lead Technician. After working at Microsoft for three years, he was offered a position working for the “Original” Home Theater and Home Automation company in Utah, with over 30 years of experience. He was hired as their Lead Technician, Programmer, and System Designer. While working as a System Designer, the idea of Real-Tech was originated. New technology was emerging, and he realized that he could customize options at various price points, making technology more available to his customers. His focus on devices, that are convenient, reliable, energy efficient, entertaining and bring peace of mind, is equal to his strive for excellent customer service. In his free time, you can find him hiking in the Utah mountains with his wife Shantel and his two Belgian Tervuren – Great Pyrenees mixed dogs.

Casey Thompson

System Designer / Programmer / Technician Manager
Casey is the original and “go-to” employee for Real-Tech. Casey and Will have had a long-lasting friendship, that started in their early teens. They built gaming computers for their friends, and worked together at the Home Automation and Home Theater company for three years. Casey has proven to be a quick learner and has become an excellent programmer and technician. He joined Real-Tech with enthusiasm to bring his love for technology to more people than he had ever imagined. Casey loves seeing the excitement and smiles on customer faces when he teaches them what their new technology can do. Casey loves exploring new parts of the world while traveling to unique places and being in nature at every opportunity.

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