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You’re Playing Golf in the Middle of Winter?

A man swinging a club in an at-home golf simulator.

Practice from the Comfort of Home with Your Own Golf Simulator 

What is the point of technology if it’s not making our lives simpler and more convenient? 

At Real Tech, we help our clients get the most out of their smart homes in the Salt Lake City, UT, area through technology integration and automation. We understand luxury is a function not only of the brands incorporated into your home, but the expertise that goes into every project.

If you’re looking for a way to stay comfortably indoors this winter season while also improving your mood and staying fit, then it’s time to consider a golf simulator. It’s the perfect addition to your home theater or media room because the entire family can enjoy it, and it offers more than just golf. Plus, simulators actually add value and drive sales for high-scale properties in the housing market. Read on to learn more about this perfect tech gift!

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How Do Golf Simulators Work?

In principle, most golf simulators are alike. A large projector screen, ceiling-mounted projectors and camera sensors, and a standing platform are standard features. Depending on the model, there may also be additional sensors, swing plates, and touchscreens to consider for installation. 

When you take a swing, sensors will measure the ball characteristics of each hit, simulating real, unique ball flights and pathways on the screen. Adding it to an area of your game room or study, or adapting your home theater space to accommodate it, would be a fun addition! You’ll be ready to become a world-famous PGA player at the press of a button.

Which Simulator Is Right For Me? 

Brands like Golfzon offer simulator models to match a wide range of budgets and expectations. It is part of our team’s job to help you select the best fit for your home and needs.

The Vision Standard and GDR Standard are Golfzon’s smaller, less complex models. Both include software to recreate dozens of golf courses, a fairway hitting mat, and a ball retrieval system. On the higher end of the budget spectrum, the Vision Premium and Twovision Plus models come with multiple high-speed cameras and sensors, moving swing plates, and hitting mats that recreate fairway, rough, and bunker conditions. 

The Twovision Plus also includes tee-side sensors, touchscreen monitor kiosks, and course mapping software for a realistic HD experience of over 190 famous golf courses. 

The Ultimate Experience Any Time

Winter is almost here, and not every day is good for skiing. Families need ways to stay active indoors, and a golf simulator is an ideal way of doing so. If golf is not your first choice for indoor recreation, we could instead install an HD Multisport simulator for F1 racing, football, and basketball. Even Olympic skiing is on the menu, so your entire family can prepare for their Olympic debut after a bit of practice.


If you’re ready to transform the way you spend time indoors this upcoming winter, it’s time treat yourself to this fun and entertaining gift. Connect with our team here so we can get started.

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