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Luxury Home Theaters: Audio, Video, and Don’t Forget Seating

Two home theater seats in front of a projector screen.

The Best Home Theater Systems Integrate Tailored Design, Seating, and Customization Options

What makes a great home theater? From a design that fits your home to engineering and implementing an integrated, automated system, there is certainly a lot more to it than audio and video. 

At Real Tech, we specialize in creating home theater systems that exceed even the best old-school movie nights for our clients in Provo, UT. We understand the key to a truly cinematic experience is tailoring our solutions to your specific needs. 

It also helps that we are authorized dealers for some of the top names in the industry!

Here are our top system recommendations for creating a home theater that will turn any room and time of day into a night at the movies.

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Audio, Video, and Beyond

You’ve got that Ultra HD big screen or killer 4K projector in mind, but that alone is not a home theater. You still need the right audio system to immerse yourself and your guests into a night of movies, popcorn, and fun. 

How about Origin Acoustics to achieve the perfect surround sound system? Their ceiling and in-wall performance loudspeakers are designed with high-fidelity in mind and blend into any room when installed correctly. 

That’s right. You may want to ask for help from a pro. 

From brainstorming to installation, programming, and support, our Real Tech designers will guide you through the process of transforming any room into a home theater. 

What About Seating?

What’s a movie theater without plush, comfortable seats? Are you looking for seating arrangement options for your own home? 

To get the most out of your space, our team combines industry-leading design expertise and brands dedicated to home theater solutions. 

We are an authorized Fortress Seating dealer, offering top-of-the-line custom seating and accessories. And Fortress goes far beyond the seats. If you are looking for customization options, there are cup holders, motorized adjustable seats, retractable touch screens, chaise footrests, and motorized tray tables to choose from. 

To top it off, why not consider some smart automation options? Brands like Control4, another one of our partners, let you control everything from volume to lighting and climate for the ultimate experience in comfort. 

Don’t Forget About Your Audience!

Looking for the perfect date night or family night? 

With proper help, the design of your home theater and the systems behind the scenes will reflect your home’s unique needs. For example, if the children are not home every night, you want the option to switch between different seating configurations. That’s an option!

To take personalization one step further, Fortress even provides services like embroidered logos on the back of every seat. 

Whatever the space, why not reach out to our experts? They know how to turn it into a movie theater perfect for your home!

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