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Upgrade Your Home by Working with a Lutron Installer

a modern bathroom with while lighting, bathtub, walk-in closet, and shades on the window.

Experience the Lutron difference in your home with lighting control and shade automation

Are you planning on upgrading your home? While hardwood flooring, a new kitchen, and sophisticated home decor are great places to start, there’s an even better option. Consider adding lighting control and shade automation to elevate the luxury of your home and your lifestyle. 

Creating a comprehensive lighting design that includes the beautiful combination of artificial and natural lighting isn’t as simple as picking out window treatments and lighting fixtures. Instead of spending time and energy on the integration, work with Real Tech.

As a Lutron installer, we know how to cast your home in a beautiful light by integrating smart lighting and motorized shades to complement your space. Read on to learn the benefits of working with a Lutron integrator in your Salt Lake City, UT, residence.


Beautified Interior Design

Luxury homes are all about comfort and aesthetics. And when you work with a Lutron integrator like Real Tech, we help you create an attractive space that is also an enjoyable place to live, work, and play. 

Lutron’s switches, dimmers, and keypads are artfully designed, keeping in mind the aesthetical requirements of smart homes. Not only do they reduce clutter on the wall, but they also enhance the beauty of your interior design. In addition, you can customize the colors and patterns of all wall-mounted control panels to ensure a seamless blend. 

Flexible and Scalable Integrations

One of the main reasons why Lutron is considered the top choice by homeowners is because of its reliability, ease of use, and scalability. When you work with Real Tech, we can customize lighting control and shading automation to meet your home’s requirements perfectly. 

For instance, you can customize lighting scenes according to your preferences. So, a few swipes on your tablet or with the Lutron smartphone app will adjust the lighting and shading systems to ensure an optimal comfort level. Lutron’s wall controls are also programmable, and they come in many styles to blend in with your home decor.  

A Reliable and Convenient Solution

Lutron has been around since 1961, so they know how to design and manufacture highly reliable home technology that functions seamlessly for many years. As a Lutron installer, Real Tech specializes in all-things Lutron. We can answer all your questions and design a lighting plan that makes your life more convenient and your home more beautiful. Even if your lighting or shading system runs into any issues, Real Tech provides ongoing maintenance and support for your peace of mind.


Real Tech is a certified Lutron installer in Salt Lake City, UT. We provide our clients with cutting-edge technology and help them experience luxury in its truest form. Start your Lutron project today by calling us at (801) 305-4682, or reach out by filling out an easy online contact form.

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