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Motorized Blinds – More Than Just Window Shades

Motorized Blinds – More Than Just Window Shades

Get a Glimpse of Smart Home Technology with Motorized Blinds

If you’re new to smart home technology, you may consider motorized blinds as just the automated version of shades. But they can do much more than just cover the glass windows across your home. 

Whether you’re building a new home or upgrading the existing one, include motorized blinds on your list of must-add things and reach out to our team of professionals at Real Tech to install motorized blinds in your Park City, UT home.

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Motorized Blinds – The Perfect Blend of Style and Function

Gone are the days when blinds were unsightly window covers that interior décor experts would classify as an eyesore and recommended to avoid. Motorized blinds come in varieties that rank high on both aesthetic and functionality scales. From options that blend in well with your existing home décor to the ones that elevate it, there are motorized blind choices in a range of styles. This - coupled with their added functionality features - makes motorized blinds a worthy upgrade for every home.

Enjoy Improved Control with Automated Blinds

Whether it’s about controlling the amount of natural light entering your home, your energy consumption, privacy, or your home’s security, motorized blinds let you experience enhanced control over various aspects, helping you feel more in charge of your home. Adjust the blinds across your home to your desired positions at different intervals throughout the day with just a button, or connect them to a centralized smart home system for voice control or automatic adjustments according to a preset schedule. Whichever of these ways you operate your automated blinds, you’ll experience far greater control over your home than ever before.

Increase Your Property’s Value with Powered Window Shades

With the ever-increasing popularity of smart technology and home automation devices, many prospective home buyers now look for properties that already have these advanced systems to avoid the hassle of making the changes themselves. And according to real estate experts, they are willing to pay more for homes that come fitted with smart technology. 

Motorized blinds are one of the most coveted features by home buyers for their superior functionality and the enhanced control they offer.

Experience the Best of Smart Home Technology with Motorized Blinds

Easy to install, highly efficient, long-lasting, and designed to work quietly, motorized blinds let you experience some of the best aspects of smart home technology, making it a great option to begin your house upgrade with. In other words, if you want to get a feel of smart home technology before undertaking a full-blown house upgrade project, then motorized blinds make a great option.


For motorized blinds in Park City, UT, contact us at Real Tech to get access to top-quality choices from multiple brands. Dial (801)-305-4682 or complete our online contact form to begin your smart home upgrade project.

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