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Choosing a Home Battery Backup System

A home battery backup is one way to maximize energy stored from solar panel systems.

Consider These Factors When Shopping for Power Alternatives

Homeowners looking for reliable, cost-efficient, and convenient power solutions have turned to solar energy and home battery backup systems. With these innovative tools, homeowners are much less impacted by power outages or soaring energy costs and can feel good about their positive contributions to a more sustainable future.

Continue reading to learn more about home battery backup systems, including what factors to consider when choosing one for your Provo, UT, home.

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The Basics of Home Battery Backup

If your home is capturing the sun’s energy through solar panels, then a home battery backup is excellent for storing excess energy produced by the sun to use when it’s unavailable or the power goes out. In short, having a battery backup ensures that you will always have access to power, no matter what happens outside.

System Factors

When considering a battery backup system for your home, there are several factors to consider, some of which will impact the cost of your system.

  • Battery capacity - This is the amount of energy a battery can store. The larger your battery capacity, the longer you can run your home on stored energy. Consider your household’s daily energy usage and how much you’ll need to carry on during a power outage or storm when choosing capacity.
  • System size - The size of your battery backup system should be proportional to your solar panel system’s size and power output. You’ll want to ensure that your system is compatible and can handle the amount of power your solar panels generate.
  • Compatibility - If you’re adding to an existing solar panel system, ensure the battery backup you choose is compatible with any existing components. 
  • Smart home systems - Similarly, if you already have a smart home system in place, you’ll want to choose a compatible system that will allow you to monitor energy usage and battery levels from your phone or other smart device.

Popular Systems

Real Tech partners with two brands that offer outstanding backup battery systems. 

Savant Power System

Savant offers a whole-home power system that connects various power resources, including solar and battery backup systems. During a power outage, the Savant system helps maximize the usage of your battery by stopping non-essential workloads and tracking power consumption. In addition, you can monitor battery power easily through the Savant app.


The BrightVault System is modular, so homeowners can easily add to or remove storage as needed. Like Savant, BrightVault offers a smart home integration option, and you can pair the system with various solar panel brands. When the grid goes down, BrightVault works to conserve energy by turning off non-critical devices, and you can track progress in the BrightVault app.

Both systems offer 10-year+ warranties on their systems to provide homeowners with greater peace of mind.

Choosing the right home battery backup system will keep your home running during power outages or low solar production. Contact us for more information about maximizing energy efficiency in your Provo, UT, home and how a battery backup system can help.

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