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A Beginner’s Guide to Home Power Conditioning

Electrical circuit of a home fitted with a power conditioner

What Is Power Conditioning, and What Benefits Does It Offer to Homeowners?

Although modern-day electrical grid technology has improved and significantly reduced voltage fluctuations, they still happen, putting your electrical devices and appliances at risk of damage. This is where power conditioning steps in.

One may argue that maintaining a consistent voltage is the responsibility of the power company that supplies electricity to your home, and we agree. However, there is only so much your power company can do, as certain (natural) factors are unpredictable and impossible to prevent. Therefore, it’s only wise to take whatever measures you can to reduce the risk of damage to your electrical devices from any potential voltage fluctuations. 

We at Real Tech offer home power conditioning in Park City, UT, to avoid the need for separate power conditioners for every device. Read on as we discuss more.

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What Does Home Power Conditioning Mean?

Home power conditioning protects your home (and all the electrical appliances and devices inside it) from any changes in voltage and electrical current frequency supplied to it, nullifying any possible damage from voltage fluctuations and electrical surges, sags, and spikes. Power conditioning also filters electrical noise—the hum you hear when your electric devices are running—leading to a quieter, more peaceful home.

How Does Home Power Conditioning Work?

Home power conditioning works through a specialized device called a whole-house power conditioner that looks and works the same way as smaller power conditioning units. However, instead of protecting specific devices from electrical fluctuations, it protects your entire home. 

A whole-house power conditioner is either installed just before where the main electric supply power lines enter your home or between your electric meter and breaker box; an expert can determine the best spot after a quick evaluation of your electric supply setup.

Protect Your Investments from Electric Fluctuations with Home Power Conditioning

From refrigerators, washer and dryer units, and TVs to home theater systems, stereos, computers, security systems, and home automation devices, there are a lot of electronic devices in modern homes. Together, they make up a huge investment and are worth protecting. 

Although we have come a long way from the initial days of electricity when voltage fluctuation and power surges were extremely common, they still occur. Therefore, it only makes sense to use power conditioning to protect the appliances you spent your hard-earned money on from any possible damage. It may seem like an additional expense, but consider it another investment—one that protects all the other, likely pricier, investments in your home.

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